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What do I need to get Started?
  • Wireless Device: Laptop, iPhone, PDA or any device that supports wireless.
    • (Most New Laptops come with this built in.)
    • Windows/MAC...  al work great.
  • Don't be shy - TRY IT FREE!
    • On your Device, connect to the wireless network ""
    • Open any Web Browser, you will be automatically redirected to our Login Page.  (we allow free access to our website and our participating facility web sites.  FREE!  Go for it!!)
    • If you can get to the Login Page.  This means your system will work just fine on the Recreation Network.
  • Next Steps: Simply Subscribe for your Recreation Networks account on-line  (Subscribe Now!)
    • If you are only around for a day or 2.  Short Term "On-Demand" accounts can be purchased at the front desk of most Participating Facilities. (Just ask)
WiFi Signal Knowledge AND Suggested Wireless Cards:
  • Why do I have Signal Issues? (Click Here)  (Not all devices are created equal.  Some have strong radios... some do not.)

We suggest the WiFi Cards & Antenna's below to enhance your Wireless Experience.


= Excellent Signal!

(Omni-Directional Antenna)

PLUS = Excellent VERY Long Range Signal!

(Directional Antenna)

(This Card along with either Antenna will completely change your WiFi Experience!)

  • LAPTOPS:  High Power - WiFi Card
  • LAPTOPS:  Long Range - Antenna
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