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Connection Troubles?

  • Wireless Internet is much like Cell Phones.  (Hopefully not that bad though)
  • You may need to move up or move to a guaranteed coverage location
  • Move outside your camper or boat cabin.  (Head up to the fly bridge)
  • SSID should be set to "" or "any"

NOTE:  If your recreation vehicle is in a location where signal is difficult to achieve.  Drop us a line, we will refund your money.

Suggested Cards for Extended Range & Signal Strength: (Our Favorites!!)

**We have wireless customers over 2 miles away with certain kits.  Drop us an email for kit suggestions.


= Excellent Signal!

(Omni-Directional Antenna)

PLUS = Excellent VERY Long Range Signal!

(Directional Antenna)

(This Card along with either Antenna will completely change your WiFi Experience!)


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