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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.  My e-mail doesn't work?  (Using POP3 Outlook Express or Eudora Mail)
  • A.  Due to excessive SPAMMING & E-Mail relaying issues, you must use HTTP or WEB Based E-Mail.  Examples:  Hotmail or Yahoo Mail or Most Companies have WEB Based e-mail access.
  • Q.  I cannot find the signal.
  • A.  Wireless networking is much like cell phones.  To make your 1st connection make sure you are in a clear line of sight location.  Once you've established this connection, you will have to find a spot in your boat or RV that receives a signal.  You can also purchase a USB External antenna.  Linksys has some nice inexpensive options.
  • Q.  Why can't I get online between 4:00-4:30am?
  • A.  We reset our equipment every morning to clear memory and cache. This task is done to keep the equipment running at optimal speeds and to ensure reliability. If your computer is left on overnight, you will have to re-login to our service in the morning.
  • Q.  How can I increase my signal strength?
  • A.  Wireless Antenna's are like ears.  Most PC's have very low antenna power ratings or really small ears.  If you boost your antenna, the ears will be much larger and able to transmit & receive data.  Below are some suggestions based on your application.  The web site has a funny name, although they have GREAT inexpensive upgrades.
    • Boaters:
    • RV's:
    • Campers:
  • Q. Why does myRecreation Network recommend USB style adapters rather than PCMCIA adapters?
  • A. PCMCIA (slide in card style adapters) are convenient and work well in open environments, but RVs have all kinds of structure and systems– fuel tanks, water tanks, refrigerators, flat screen TVs mounted on the wall, plumbing, gear for working the pop-outs—that can block your WiFi signal. If you are using a PCMCIA adapter in your laptop or a PCI card installed in your desktop PC, you have to move the entire computer to get a better signal. The USB adapters come with 5 foot cords that allow you to move the adapter around to get a better signal while you stay comfortable at the table or in your chair. The USB adapters also work with both laptops and desktop PCs, so they have much more versatility than the PCMCIA cards (which only work with laptops) or PCI cards (which only work with desktops and require you to open up the PC case to install them).
  • Q. I’m seeing interference with my connection that seems to come and go. What could cause this?
  • A. There are several things that can cause signal conflicts with your Wi-Fi adapter. If you use a cordless phone in the 2.4gigaHertz band it can disrupt your network connection, as they both operate in the 2.4gigaHertz band. Also, microwave ovens are "noisy" in the radio spectrum and can leak radio waves that can disrupt your connection.
  • Q. Can I access my company network using VPN?
  • A. Yes. myRecreation Network supports most VPN clients.   Log-in to myRecreation Network using a correctly configured IE or Netscape browser, then launch your VPN client.
  • Q. How can I print?
  • A. The most convenient solution available today is to connect to and find a local Kinko’s shop. These stores have the ability to accept print requests over the internet and print them for later pick-up. They are open 24 hours a day and there are hundreds of locations around the country.
  • Q. If I am having trouble configuring my card or my system, who do I call?
  • A. For card configuration issues, call the card manufacturer or if is an integrated card, call the manufacturer of the computer.  PC's & Laptops can be stubborn... Here are some helpful numbers:

Apple 800.275.2273
D-Link 877.453.5465
EnGenius 714.432.8668
Linksys 800.326.7114
NETGEAR 888.638.4327
Orinoco 866.ORINOCO

  • Q. When I launch my browser I don’t receive a welcome or log-in screen.
  • A. Make sure that your browser settings are correct. These settings are located in the Tools section of your browser. Select Tools, Connections, LAN Connection and make sure your browser is configured for DHCP or "auto-detect settings" and unselect any proxy server or gateway setting. Close the browser and reopen, and your card should detect the network and connect you automatically. On a MAC, configure you TCP/IP panel to connect via AirPort, using DHCP server. Start AirPort and you will be automatically connected.
  • Q. What hardware or software do I need to access the service?
  • A. See "Getting Connected" for minimum hardware and software requirements. You do not need any additional software; just a browser and a Wi-Fi certified adapter.
  • Q. How do I configure my Wi-Fi card to detect the myRecreation Network service?
  • A. Windows XP and Apple OSX should automatically detect settings. If not or you have a previous OS, open your Wi-Fi card software (use the Pronto info.), using the appropriate method dictated by your card manufacturer, and set the following parameters:
  1. Select "Infrastructure Mode"
  2. SSID to "" (do not include the quotes).
  3. Select WEP/Encryption Disabled.
  • Q. What is "SSID"?
  • A. The System Set Identifier (SSID) is the identifying name of an 802.11 wireless network. It differentiates one Wireless LAN (WLAN) from another, so all access points and all devices attempting to connect to a specific WLAN must use the same SSID. An SSID is also referred to as a Network Name because essentially it is a name that identifies a wireless network. When you specify your correct SSID in your client setup you ensure that you connect to your wireless network rather than another network in range. You can configure this using your Client Configuration utility or Network Connections Settings.
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